Stop Oppressing Methodist Evangelicals!



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We can only hope...

...that this is the beginning of a movement to bring the Church into the 21st century. However, I'm not hopeful. There is little doubt the strategy to move the General Conference out of the United States was Plan B, after the plan to try to hold the 2016 GC behind closed doors. Yes, we are a global church, but let's be honest, who pays the bills, and were are the majority of the delegates from? Also, why would they pick such remote, expensive and hostile places, were it to effectively limit, if not prohibit, participation by constituent groups.

But, I suspect the more progressive side of our church has decided it might be time to take a stand for the future of the Church, rather than permit the IRD and the Good News movement to continue their control of the General Conference delegates.

BJohnM more than 6 years ago