The Need For a Label



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I guess my initial observation is that yes that need to label ourselves is something we bring to church. Labeling isn't a sinful process which generates within the petri dish of the congregation. We label ourselves all the time. We join political parties, alumni associations, swim clubs, Masonic lodges, PTA groups; all of these are labels. We bring these labels to church. Our "church" labels reflect the secular labels we literally wear as bumper stickers, hats, and lapel pin each and every day. Methodism is itself a label. We can't escape labels. My thought is that we bring our label baggage to church and then form our Christian labels with our secular labels. Every affinity group is a reflection of something imported from outside the church. How do we check our worldly labels at the door? I don't know. How we preach a label free gospel? You've raised great questions.

Richard Bryant

Richard Bryant more than 4 years ago