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Not Paranoid


First, thanks for the mention of the Rethink Bishop blog. As the writer of that post, I wanted to mention that I think you are not paranoid. Every system has the ability to be "abused." The abuse I could see with the idea I proposed is the exact thing you name. If "placements" are just used to "placate" to a demographic then it is abuse in my opinion.

The challenge is always going to be how we can build up a community that recognizes that we are all in this together. Too often we get caught up in our view of "placements" and what they mean for the individual. I have been trying to learn to instead force the question back on myself and ask: "How is God calling me in this place?" and that came when I was initially placed in a setting that didn't match my gifts/passions well at all but still I believe even through the brokenness of the system God used me to bless that community and for that community to bless me in my growing leadership.

Justin Halbersma more than 7 years ago

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