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Love and Unity

Do United Methodist just like to hear themselves talk?
I think if we will open our eyes, we will see that Jesus continually attached the “traditions of men (people)”. What we have is a battle of traditions. Some traditions are anchored in the Bible, others in the historic practices of protestant churches, some in the secular humanism that pervades our educational system (even in our denominationally-related colleges) and entertainment choices.
God respects NO culture. In the “body” of Christ, there can be NO division – no self-interests, no demand that others accept us for our uniqueness (whatever special idiosyncrity each one of us has), no pride about how special we are, no demand that everyone must worship on a specific day or at a specific time with specific music (etc.), no demand that others worship the idols we worship, no requirement that we throw away portions of God’s holy word in written form and replace it with new “inspired” words that are birthed from our own, ”fleshly” experiences of alienation or disgust with man’s inhumanity towards man. Unity does not come “because” of diversity, but IN SPITE of it through our love of God.
Our problem is not that we don’t love each other enough, but that we don’t love GOD enough. We value nothing, so we are able to pretend we value others who are different than us. We ignore the Holy Spirit’s discernment and conviction that would help us along the path of sanctification (sound like Wesley?) and cover our eyes and ears so that we don’t grow in God’s grace and count our indifference towards sin as open-mindedness. If we seek God and love God, we will know how to love our neighbor.
Grace and Peace
Mark J.

Mark J more than 3 years ago

If this is truth as the church views it....

Then why is the catholic/universal church splintered off into so many factions? If what you describe is truth as the church is supposed to possess it, then why was John Wesley so relieved to walk away from the theological disagreements that plagued the Fetter Lane Society and set up shop at the Foundry where he could better control what was taught? The whole concept of the Methodist connection was rooted in the fact that individuals decided to connect themselves to Wesley and the specific beliefs/truth he espoused. Methodism is in existence because John Wesley believed in a truth that put him at odds with many in the Church of England. Wesley's whole sermon on "The Catholic Spirit" is rooted in the reality that there are many different understandings of the gospel.

Betsy more than 3 years ago