United Methodism is NOT a Global Church




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Global Church

The proposal for regional organization in 2008 was defeated by the U.S. annual conferences. It died the death it should have. We need to focus on and keep the main thing the main thing and that is making disciples for Jesus Christ. We as a church are expending all our energy on the human sexuality issue. I for one am tired of it. I'm tired of being told I have to accept it - I will not. I'm tired of our church being taken hostage and taking care of the business we needed to at General Conference due to interruptions and personal agendas. In my opinion it would appear that many are violating the first commandments - that of having no other gods before Me and make no idols. These issues that take our eyes off Jesus are in fact idols.
My family and I will continue to cling to Joshua 24:15.

Gene Mims more than 9 years ago

the umc is not global church

in asia, the UMC is found only in the Philippines. There autonomous Methodists all over asia. It could be that Methodism is global, but not the UMC. The autonomous churches especially the Korean Methodist Church are growing.

marie sol villalon more than 9 years ago

Global Church

If we regionalize the Church in America the immediate result will be schism. You are correct that the present US delegates would probably approve gay ordination and gay marriage. (That is largely because the Western Jurisdiction is over represented and the SE Jurisdiction is under represented in proportion to membership and money contributed.). But immediately my church and at least half the churches in the SE Jurisdiction would pull out of the United Methodist Church.

Maybe that is what needs to happen. Our positions are incompatible. Neither side is going to change its position. Let's not fight another 40 years over this. Let us separate with mutual respect. And let's both get about the work of the church as our consciences dictate. It is past time.

Mike Childs more than 9 years ago

Global Church?

Our quandary: We attempt to operate democratically as a global church, or at least as a church located in various countries. The Catholic Church is truly global, but it is not a democracy, not by a long shot. If all that needed to be accomplished at General Conference were the election of a supreme bishop by all the other bishops, they'd be done fairly quickly, I bet. General Conference has a lot more on its plate. But as we saw, GC is broken. I agree with the honesty of this article. I believe that in 2008 a proposal for regional organization was brought to GC and died quickly. It would be worth reviving and passing.

Jeanne Devine more than 9 years ago

Global Church

At last a United Methodist publication is honest enough to assert categorically that the United Methodist Church is NOT a global church and it only pretends to be so.

Geographically, the global nature of the United Methodist Church consists of the Methodist Churches only in the United States, Africa and Europe.today. The vast continent of Asia is represented by only one country - the Philipines. United Methodists have shrunk the world!. It does not even include the Mother of Methodism!

Historically, United Methodists have reversed the direction of mission policy in the eighties; Before that period the national churches in Asia and Latin America were encouraged to develop autonomous Methodist churches. They realized that each nation has its peculiar mission and must have full powers to determine its own life and ministry. US Methodism itself grew out of its own mission in the New World and not that of British Methodism. You have set yourself free then and you don't have to enslave others now.

Practically, US Methodism has come to the realization that they can no longer understand the complexity of Methodist churches in the woerld and try to define the task each distinctive national church.. Financially, US Methodism can no longer support the Methodist churches in developing countries.

Realistically US Methodism needs the vote of the Methodist churches especially in Africa to support the issues of homosexuality and other progressive issues facing US Methodism itself.

If we approach critically the question of the global nature of the Church there is hardly any justification to continue to pretend.

Kim Hao Yap more than 9 years ago

The Status of "On Catholic Spirit"

A point of clarification... Only the "Standard Sermons" are included in our doctrinal standards. "On Catholic Spirit" is not among these.

Taylor Burton-Edwards more than 9 years ago