Harsh Encounter Brings Apocalyptic Blessing



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Harsh encounter

I am surprised that you are surprised. After 9/11, seeing the ISIS youtube videos, reading about the Whahabbists of Saudi Arabia spouting their venom I can sort of understand why some folks might object to hosting a group who rejects Jesus into a Christian house of worship. There are many days when feel like it would be better to send a Muslim to Allah than to bring a Muslim to Jesus. Wrong thinking, I know. Did the local mosque reciprocate by hosting a Christian prayer session? Just wondering.

Kevin more than 7 years ago

Excellent article

As they say, "BTDT (Been there, done that)." On another United Methodist related site where comments are permitted, for the longest time there were few progressive voices if any, and right-wingers who ruled the roost there had a difficult time reading a contrary viewpoint. Somehow, at least one individual vociferous in his disdain for "progressives" in the UMC, The Bishops, LGBTs, and Muslims, accused me of being "hateful." I reflected. I had called no names. I had not expressed any hatred, as I have none. Mostly what I feel toward right-wingers is pity. They have been distracted by Faux News style disinformation and a concept of sexuality at best described as naïve. It was not unlike a confrontation I had with a relative on Facebook who felt a need to post his hatred for the First Lady. Long ago, on Ted Nugent's webpage, one had told me we progressives must face rule by him and others with his christofascistic views or else rule by Islamacist extremists. I told him if that's the truth, the latter would be less objectionable because he and his ilk exploit Christ for their own power and control over others. That's not hatred. That's just speaking the truth. There is an ugliness out there, but it gets more intense as it loses influence every day.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

Cynthia Astle's Article on Interfaith Friendship

Perceptive and prophetic. A call to walk and talk the Jesus way of love not hate.

Dwight W. Vogel more than 7 years ago

Apocalyptic blessing

Cynthia each one of those attacking comments were badges of great honor for the awesome work you are doing and have done through thick and thin. And I know how thin it has gotten for you from time to time. You are a gift from God to the greater church, especially the UMC, and all of us in the love-hate relationship to it one way or another!

Don Manning-Miller more than 7 years ago

Thank you

Thank you for these words of encouragement, Don Manning-Miller. All of us who try to "walk the talk" as previous commenter Dwight Vogel said, find ourselves facing ridicule at some time. It's a blessing to do this work despite its occasional bumps and bruises, and it's a blessing to have brothers in the faith like you to support us when it's our turn to speak up.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 7 years ago

Apocalyptic Blessing

Cynthia, all I can say is for whatever it might be worth I have been down this very same road all too often traveled, and sometime not of my own choosing. It just happened. Forty five years in the pastoral ministry, and especially during the turbulent 60s, one often encountered the raw, the rough, and the rude side of humanity, and frequently from long time Methodist Christians. I wondered then and still do, whatever happened to their open mind, open heart, and open door. The late Harry Denman, former Executive Secretary of the General Board of Evangelism, a layman, yet one of the great preachers in our denomination was often criticized for his bold and unashamed preaching of "The Good News". Following the remarks of his many critics, he would often say: "You are probably correct. Won't you pray for me"?, His death was a sad day for Methodism. Harry reminds me of the poet Edwin Markham who wrote: "He drew a circle that shut me out-Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in"! Jesus drew such a circle.

Billy Cox more than 7 years ago