Suffer the Children



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You need to re-read the Scriptures and realize that every reference to marriage includes a man and a woman. And every mention of same sex relationships is negative. World Vision is not just a feeding station but a ministry and how can they minister if they hire people living in sin? (Legal has nothing to do with it!)

Buddy more than 7 years ago


Oh, Buddy......every single person alive is, and all that have lived before were, "living in sin." Sin is the human conditionj. It does not disappear magically. Even the best of us continue to sin including you and me. If some church is telling you otherwise, they're lying.

Interstingly, this very topic was the most interesting thing in Gil Alexander-Moegerle's book, "James Dobson's War on America." Alexander-Moegerle was Dobson's second banana on his radio program until they parted in an inamiable way. As Alexander-Moegerle viewed things, Dobson's roots in the Nazarene tradition, a splinter group from our Methodist heritage, led him and them to view themseleves as free from sin. This came out when Dobson ordered a retaping of a show when Alexander-Moegerle used the phrase, "We have all sinned..." Dobson was like, "I don't like the soooouuunnndd of that."

Have LGBTs who have been promiscuous sinned as such? Certainly, but no more than those divorced but remarried parishioners whose posteriors fill the pews in fundamentalist churches. Don't worry about the mote in someone else's eye. Take the log out of yours.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago