We've Got an Open Door Problem



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Old and Trusted Rules Still Apply

Open doors offer both entrance and exit. Weary of the progressive issues, we opted for exit. We are going to let the UMC go DOA PDQ and we might check in if a local Methodist Church is traditional - if we have not already committed elsewhere... Meanwhile, after a few months break of sleepy Sundays, we felt the call to try some others. This week was the local Southern Baptist. It was as I remembered from many years ago when I dated a Baptist girl: the music was toe-tappin' and, frankly, touching, and the sermon was so moving that I was reaching for seat belts in the pew. It ran too long, but Baptist preachers do not recognize the passing of time like we do... But, the message reminded me of my old Methodist roots. It did mention rules and obligations upon me, my behavior, my relationship with and service to Jesus. Not sure I want to be Baptist, but it was a nice visit where the door was open, the hearts were open (and active), but the minds were still focused on rules and guidelines that have served and organized a culture for thousands of years...

Reese more than 4 years ago