Wesley Bros: Let’s Pretend Hate Means Love



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William of Ockham was wrong, seriously wrong

"William of Ockham went so far as to say that God could will for a creature to hate God and it would become the right thing to do." This sounds like the classic 'can God create a rock so big that even He could not pick it up.". Has He not 'commanded' that we love Him with all our heart soul mind and strength?' Since this is His 'command', William of Ockham is in err because he makes his assumption absent what is clearly already degreed by God. God doesn't go to the kitchen cupboard and decide whether peas are 'good' or rather string beans. Goodness, the origin and source of all that is 'good' resides within Him. "Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone."

Ed Rodarmel 340 days ago