What's in a Name?



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Your plea is sort of like...

that of deity for humankind to stop sinning. Wherever you go, people name themselves names which look good and make their opponents to look bad. I grew up in San Antonio where for over 20 years, mid-1950s to mid-1970s, an ersatz local political party composed of Conservative Democratic and Republican business leaders, held a near-monopoly on the City Council and Mayor's office. The name of this political machine was The Good Government League. One year, three frustrated well-meaning independent candidates for the Council decided to challenge this by creating a united ticket which they called Citizens for Better Government. Needless to say, the GGL trounced CBG at the polls. Another critic called the GGL the "Giggle," but he lost too. The GGL finally lost control when one of its' councilmen, grocery chain executive Charles Becker, challenged the GGL nominee for Mayor and won in 1973. Becker served two tempestuous terms, but the next two Mayors who followed him, Lila Cockrell and Henry Cisneros, were GGL nominees.

Words matter. If there were truth in advertising laws that had teeth "Good News" would be required to call itself League of Bigoted Acolytes of Slick-Haired Political Preachers."

Next time write about a problem for which a solution exists.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago