When the Bible Is the Root of Evil



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Living in Sin

This new Bishop and her significant other live in sin daily. When God lays on my heart the sins, I have committed. I repent and try not to commit that sin again. These two woman never repent of their sin and go on to sin every day. I have read the Bible and am I wrong where it talks about this in about 20 places or more that this is sinful. I feel so confused and left the Methodist Church. There is a very strong feeling in my heart that I can't go back. I am praying that the church sees that this is a mistake. They need to read the Bible again.

Shirley Baustian more than 4 years ago


Perhaps you are confused.

The OT does not condemn lesbianism but rather only make gay sex. This is because, even by the opinion of the most ultra-Orthodox rabbis, the prohibition against males having sex has nothing to do with homosexuality, per se. Remember: the concept of homosexuality, as it exists today, was unknown back then. Please read up on this, as we don't have space to go into this here.

Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality.

The NT statements against homosexuality exists only in the Pauline works. Note that only seven of the thirteen Pauline letters were actually written by Paul.

And then we must ask ourselves: Were those NT statements part of the original text, or were they added later by scribes seeking to address their own personal beliefs and concerns? We know for a fact that scribes often did this.

Ben more than 4 years ago

It is certainly the #1 Excuse

For the reprehensible behavior of our right-wing brethren, at least their interpretation of it is.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago


I look forward to the day the United Methodist Church finally decides to extend me the Love of Christ.

I've waited fifty years.

Ben more than 4 years ago


Nothing new here; it's the same old story about someone who lives in sin and then blames the Bible when anyone calls it sin.

Buddy Whatley more than 4 years ago


Do you eat pork, crab, shrimp, or other nonkosher foods? Wear garments made of a wool/linen mix? Those are Biblical 'abominations'. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

Ben more than 4 years ago

Root of Evil

The Bible is the root of all evil and The United Methodist Church is a manifestation of that evil. That got me to the end of page one of this article and that was as far as I got.

Kevin more than 4 years ago