Why Toxic Christianity is a Threat to Our Planet’s Survival



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Which way is right ?

In the article the opinion is stated that our current inaction on climate change is in fact God's will, that if He wants it different He will tell us. Fact is that this cannot be proved, it could be the other way, that God would 9n fact wish is to take action. Jesus in John 9, 1-3 indicates that the Creation is probabilistic and to assume that we know God's choice is arrogant and probably mistaken.

Don E. Bray more than 3 years ago


It’s going to weather whether we like it or not. It is unacceptable that the U.S. should be bound by an weather accord quasi treaty to which the previous executive agreed but which was never presented for the advice and consent of the Senate. The COTUS requires that treaties be approved by a 2/3 vote. Styling the Paris agreement as an accord only served to try to force the U.S. into a treaty without the Senate giving it’s consent. The current executive acted appropriately to remove the U.S. from the accord. The Senate has approved over 1,500 treaties. Only 21 have been rejected. Perhaps this one would have been approved or not approved. Regardless, absent any decision by the Senate, it was only the agreement of a prior executive who failed to persuade the then current Senate to affirm it. In future treaty negotiations, weather analysts will need to negotiate with a view not simply to what a current executive might agree but to what the Senate will actually consent.

bthomas more than 3 years ago

This reminds me...

...of a recent comment about the (so far) lack of contact the human race has made with intelligent species existing elsewhere in the universe, despite SETI [the radio telescope project to beam sound communication to them], Voyager II, etc.: it may be that evolution functions as such that while intelligent species may arise they are in a sense preprogrammed to wipe themselves out. Abigail Adams, speaking of opponents of American Independence in letters to her husband John, who browbeated his fellow Continental Congress delegates into declaring it, commented thus about the short-sighted who pursued their own prosperity at the expense of others: "Let revenge, ambition, pride and malice bind such men - you may as well hope to bind a hungry tiger with a cobweb." If anything modern day nativism and prejudice reveals, it is the tyranny of these vices over the minds of men. This is not an optimistic viewpoint but I fear it is the realistic one. Adams' husband, who went from a young firebrand hero to a mediocre Vice-President and President, shared her New Englander post-Calvinist negative views of the mass of men. Yet the Adams dyad threw all they had, lives, fortune, and sacred honor, the whole schmear, into what they could do to better our imperfect race. Can we do no less? The current President and his scamvangelist allies appear to believe so.

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

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