Will Wesleyan Social Justice Disappear in 2012?



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Dear Larry in Iowa: Your comments contain several serious errors. First, Our Lord tells us that we are in danger of hellfire if we call our brothers "fools". Second, Scripture condemns homosexuality (sodomy) in several places and no appeal to "cultural context" can change this simple fact. Third, homosexuality is a choice, not a God-given genetic reality like race. To lump them together is a tired and dishonest rhetorical maneuver.
Fourth, you misspelled "pharisee".

Yaki Mandu more than 9 years ago

Re. article

I appreciated the history lesson the article provided. I see little hope in the near future for more than tolerance, given the factors discussed. But I think the Spirit works best in the dark and where hope is hard to find. God loves to surprise his children. Wait and see.

David C more than 9 years ago

Larry in Iowa

Like so many folks with a Liberal viewpoint, you call the person who disagrees with you uneducated and call them names, rather than do the homework. The Bible is quite clear on the matter, even and especially, if you read it in context. You may want to spend more time in God's Word and less time studying LGBT talking points. You may not be willing to do this yourself, but it is quite possible to love a sinner and not condone their sin. To condone and even promote sinful behavior is not an act of kindness to a person, it is encouraging them to live a life that goes against God's law and way. It gives permission not to seek and strive for Holiness through the Sanctifying grace of Christ. Thankfully we are all sinners saved by grace of Jesus Christ, not by our works. But, when we accept Christ in our hearts we are to try to root out those things that go against God's laws. As humans we may want to make some sins more and some less important or even remove some we don't like, but ultimately, sin is sin and we are to repent and turn away from all of it. Lastly, please consider carefully before you call another a fool. You may not be very familiar with God's Word, but the dangers of calling another a fool are spelled out pretty clearly. Even you could probably understand them in context.

Mike more than 9 years ago

Reply to comment.

To Mike: Your comments include several serious errors. No credible scientific or psychological experts currently believe that sexual orientation is a choice. There is absolutely no reason to believe that homosexual orientation or practice is inherently sinful. Certainly not the scriptures when understood in context. This "love the sinner and hate the sin" bit is just a dodge to deny simple bigotry in the name of religion. As for "holding our leaders to a 'higher' standard, requiring that gay clergy be rejected or remain closeted, the same applies. Listening to those who postulate against full inclusion for LGBT people is like listening to the pharasees. Learn the facts before you appear so foolish!

Larry in Iowa more than 9 years ago

Social Justice

Your premise is wrong. You assume that if you do not condone the practice of homosexuality that you have lost a focus of Social Justice. We don't condone all kinds of sinful behaviors the Bible forbids, and that does not mean we do not love people who commit these sins or reach out to the lost with the saving love of Jesus Christ. Sexual orientation is a choice. Race and gender are not. It is incorrect to lump them together, and it is wrong to assume that because the church does not condone the homosexual choice in it's leaders that it is not open to loving those who make it. Even the most Conservative Methodist Churches I know are open to those who sin against God's law, or no one would get to come in and worship. We rightly continue to hold our leaders to a higher, biblical standard. I pray that the church continues in it's current standard of loving the sinner and not the sin, and that we will honor God's Word on this matter. Anything else is a compromise to the integrity of the church and will cause the church I love to split.

Mike more than 9 years ago