World on Fire

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Will this happen again in 2016?

In 2016 if the Church does not quit demonizing and equating LGBT marriage and ordination to be equivalent to rape, incest, theft and all manner of CRIME not love or service which the LGBT questions is all about. To all the conservatives: You will keep making gay children which will grow up hating themselves to the point that they commit suicide. That will be the legacy of every Methodist child or adult who commits suicide because of being LGBT. JUST BECAUSE OF WHO THEY LOVE AND THAT THEY GOD FORBID WANT TO SERVE THE LORD. There is no difference of the efforts of the Nazi to eliminate LGBT people back in WW2 than the efforts to slowly encourage hate and condemnation by a "church" who is not really based on Love of God and Each Other. May God have mercy on the soul of the UMC.

Mark McRoberts more than 7 years ago