The Sacredness in Our Lives



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Define what makes our lives sacred

Are we sacred simply because we are born and God accepts us as we are because God created us in his image so we are inherently good?

Or, do we, as humans recognize that we just retain only a remnant of the image of God that He instilled in us and for our lives to become sacred we must acknowledge our inherent brokenness as flawed human beings and allow God's redemptive power into our lives to transform us into the truly good human beings he intended when he created us before the great fall that has infected humanity ever since.

Based on my own extensive cruising of the internet listening to every voice I could find within the UMC, this is only one of the significant theological differences that drives our disagreement over sexuality.

betsy more than 2 years ago

2 things

I find two things in seriously considering the LGBTQ+ issue in the Methodist Church (I intentionally left out the 'U'):

1) To some extent, whether these people are who GOD made them to be. Whether their difference is inherent or even a choice, they've been made that way by the LORD. Just like all the rest of us.

2) If I'm to believe the view of the Traditionalists, then the LORD doesn't love them that way, and wants them to change. I'm happy to love them as they are, and worship with them and follow them as need be. I'll certainly be happy to celebrate their marriages, mourn with them at funerals, etc. They are my kin, are they not? Should I not love them as myself?

Therefore, if the Traditionalist view is to be believed, I have more love for them than GOD does. That's inherently heretical.

Were we in a different era, I might be burned at the stake for my beliefs. Or, maybe more appropriately, nailed to a cross.

JR more than 2 years ago