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Your Contact Form for Feedback Email not work 5/10/2019

Contact Form for Email Feedback not working 5/10/2019

Blake White more than 1 year ago

Contact Form

Thank you. The link has been fixed.

John Astle, Associate Editor more than 1 year ago

Article Methodism's Crossroads

I loved this article as everything you had scripture to what your point was about. I think we are very mixed up with love and sin, never have we once said we are not to love the sinner in this world and one being me as I was in sin to and God loved me enough to send His son to die just for me. It is not about love it is about sin and we are all sinners that can be saved by Gods grace but we are to be of the world no longer in the world and that is life eternal. Thank you for being spot on with who we are to be and what our job is to do in this world. Thank you

Norma McNair more than 4 years ago

prayers for Astles

I can't even imagine how devastating your home situation must be after the grueling GC. My prayers have certainly been with you.

Nancy Miller, southern New Jersey, UMC elder more than 4 years ago

Church Growth

Just curious - what % of UMC churches have 0 professions of faith each year?

Randy Owens more than 4 years ago

Atonement theology

I have just typed an article and cannot get it to submit

Riley Case more than 5 years ago

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Dear Mr. Case:
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Cynthia B. Astle

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 5 years ago