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Did Lonnie think long enough about this

He says that he thinks that the leader of the WCA is off in his analysis because the leader says that there should not be wide theological diversity in the UMC. And then cites passages from the BOD to support his conclusion. But the passages that he cites do NOT support his conclusion. They are all about diversity in mission and ministry. I.E. we have core theological convictions but have the freedom in ministry to carry them out in various ways. Example: a country church does not have to do things like a city church; a church in Africa does not have to worship in the exact same way as a church in Wisconsin. The BOD does NOT say that we are to allow for a plurality of beliefs. If you want that, then go to the UCC or something. The Methodist movement has always had a tight, theological center. Do your homework folks! If you want to be a Methodist, then be a Methodist. If not, then go do something else. But do NOT try to make the Methodist movement something that it is not. That's just falsehood.

Josh 146 days ago

Analysis or Preparation?

It appears that the WCA's analysis more reads like preparation to create a new denomination than staying in the connection. I have been saddened by this process as many members of the connection have no idea that this is going on and will feel blind sided by the results of the 2019 General Conference regardless of results. It is my hope that leadership throughout the connection will prayerfully consider greater engagement with the average member. They deserve to know what is going on.

Eric Pone 147 days ago

I have been following this drama since GC2012

And I still feel blindsided.

For me it does not hinge on the sexuality question. It all hinges on whether or not General Conference decides whether if there are minimal theological boundaries that define us as United Methodists or if it solidifies the church's future as a theological free-for-all. I do not believe a church can be effective when it is teaching that same gender relationships are and are not God's intent for us. I do not believe that God himself is double-minded or unsure of himself.

Furthermore, the disagreement will not stop with sexuality. After GC2016 conferences not only declared non-compliance re sexuality but also the decision to sever ties with the RCRC and also GC's stance on Israel. What you do not seem to understand is that when we are considering restructuring the church to contain the level of contextualization that is already present, unity is already shot. Unity results when contextualization is limited; otherwise contextualization gets out of hand and destroys unity. Which is exactly where we are.

I have the simplest plan of all. Just do away with General Conference and turn everybody loose to do what ever they want. It is how the church is currently functioning anyway. As I have come to understand the structure of the UMC it is mostly a figment of everybody's imagination--the result of "But this is the way we have always done it".

betsy 146 days ago

Notable Quotes   

         "We need to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves permission to grieve continued injustice and denominational harm. Lent is maybe the best time of the liturgical year to pause and sit with whatever we are feeling or not feeling right now, especially before we make big decisions. It brings to mind what the disciples might have gone through in those days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when maybe they could affirm there would be more to the story but did not yet know what new life was going to come forth."

– T. C. Morrow in a sermon, "Stay the Course," given Sunday, March 17 at Foundry UMC, Washington, D.C. Republished with permission from her Facebook page.


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