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Clergywoman's Complaint Finds Gap Between Process and Justice

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Conference Zero Tolerance?

This article claims that the North Texas Conference policy has zero tolerance for sexual harassment. That's true when clergy are the perpetrators.

But take a look at our standing rules and you will notice that we are SILENT about sexual harassment when lay persons are perpetrators.

This silence and inadequacy of our sexual misconduct policy puts us in non-compliance with the Book of discipline paragraph 605.9 where it says that "The Annual Conference shall adopt a comprehensive policy for handling sexual and gender harassment of clergy WHEN LAYPERSONS ARE THE PERPETRATORS." The North Texas policy exclusively names sexual harassment as something clergy do. The policy needs to be changed--someone could have requested a declaratory decision and the conference would have been forced to fix it.

In light of that I find myself skeptical of any "process" that happened before an official complaint was filed.

Ben David Hensley 166 days ago