Beginning to Look Ahead After GC2019



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So sad. So indicative of bishop blind arrogance. Hello? There is no healing coming!

Poor bishops. Many of them are now looking to the NEXT GC to fix what this last GC broke. Many are counting on the Judicial Council to rule certain things “unconstitutional” and that gets UMC where? Back to where it was, except with everybody even angrier!
Judicial Council to fix it all? Seriously? That group, over decades, has facilitated this schism by ignoring the transgressions of several churches and conferences. Bishop Carter and others can read in the article above that Bishop Oliveto, and other Mountain Sky leaders said during a live stream March 1 that the jurisdiction intends to continue to maintain its openness on matters of homosexuality. Will Oliveto and “others” be challenged, fired, fined, receive any penalty for that? No. So, that pretty much shows all we need to know about Judicial Council.
But, as if to prove themselves irrelevant, UMC bishops will continue to stir through the wreckage in search of a “united” UMC. Will any realistic, intelligent, humble bishops step forward to accept the inevitable and lead us not into further frustration?

Reese more than 2 years ago

I've had more than enough

59 y/o ex-Methodist here on the LGBT spectrum. Hope you people were trying to get me to feel your hate, trying to get me to quit the church, 'cause you've succeeded.

The hatred I now feel for the UMC is over-the-top.

Ben more than 2 years ago