Institutionalizing Envy



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Reporting and Envy

I find the new reporting system complex. Our not-so-large church is doing its best to comply. In recent years, our district has pointedly provided decades of statistics to us, and other churches with downward trends in membership, attendance etc. with the best of intentions--namely, to get us to look at ourselves and ask whether continuing as we have been is good enough for the present and the future. To some extent we've responded positively, making efforts to improve our welcoming, facilities and stewardship. If a church is willing to examine its own reports in light of its past and its desired future for God's mission, great. If the only use it makes of the reporting system is to look to the right and to the left, and be envious or thankful it's "not as bad as" some others, then it's hurting and discouraging itself.

Jeanne Devine more than 8 years ago