Just Pretend It Isn't There?



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What have we learned?

Form a committee in each church to review this book and send results in. Then go to a higher level of review. These books are made from man - not of God. They are to be kept with the times and may need updating so they work for Today's world. Do not keep people in ignorance. People are meant to learn and progress. Otherwise, what have we learned?

Sue Biederman more than 8 years ago

which decision?

Thanks for the article. I can't find anything more on the Judicial Council decision you mentioned. Could you provide a link to an article, or the decision itself, that says the Discipline cannot be used to undermine itself?

Sean more than 8 years ago

Concentric Set

I love your description of the UMC as a "concentric set of conferences." I would love to see a diagram, graphic or artistic interpretation of that idea. It might make it easier to imagine a better way to be going forward

Colleen McRoberts more than 8 years ago