Ten Things Christians Need to Remember This Election



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Great article! Very timely and very much needed.

Carolyn Corkren more than 9 years ago

Christian Principles & The Vote

I'd hold a prayer service BEFORE the election, and pray for discernment. James says to pray for it if you're lacking, and then expect it to happen (i.e. act as if you have it). The complexity of issues is confounding: Do you vote for someone who is pro-life or someone who embodies social justice and empathy for the downtrodden? Do you vote for someone who may restore the economy to a robust pre-2006 status, or someone who will 'stay the course?' Someone who has the teachers' backs or someone who will attempt to weaken their constitutional right to collective bargaining? Someone who is pro-business or someone who is pro-environment?

John M. Radolinski more than 9 years ago

God and elections

In Sunday School, many decades ago, I learned that God is All Powerful, All Knowing, Present Everywhere. Since then I have also learned that God is Multi-
lingual......speaking to different tribes in different languages and known by different Names. The fact that some people worship in manners and languages others than we do does NOT make them "anti-Christ."
The fact that FOX NEWS refers to God and Prayer on a 'regular basis' does not make them Godly or Christ-like in the way they "report" news and opinions!!!!!!!!
They support candidates who lie to us repeatedly-----that is NOT Godly or Christ-like!!!!!!! I'll take MSNBC, CNN and local news.
I suggest everyone go to their local library or google and look up Samuel Clemon's (Mark Twain's) WAR POEM. When you read it you will understand why he ordered that it not be published until after his death. Some people would call it "un-American" or "unpatriotic". A student brought it to me years ago for his project in a Speech Contest and I remember his with gratitude because it fits my thoughts exactly.......it pains me that we call ourselves followers of Jesus, but as a nation have spent more years at war than at peace!!!!!! (Is it because there is more profit to be made with weapons and uniforms than with PEACE????)
THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is NOT a theocracy!!!!!!!! The Constitution calls for separation of Church and State, and the free exercise of practicing religion, or no religion.........and our citizens are peoples of various faiths!!!!!!!!!

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago


All well said. My only comment, which "holy book" would Romney be sworn in on IF elected? Pearl of Great Price, Book of Mormon, Doctrines and Covenants or The Bible?

Bulus Haddad more than 9 years ago

Seek to understand rather than to be understood

An outstanding list! I love the United States and will keep God in my heart as I make my voting decisions.

I would *never* ask or expect our political leaders to push God onto our citizenry--that's not the job of government or our political leaders. Many of our ancestors left Europe to avoid State-sponsored religion, and for good reason! Perhaps a political leader's view of God is more war-mongering and less peaceable than the view that I've learned through prayer and study. Does anyone believe that it is realistic to expect all of our politicians to have the spiritual gift of preaching? Didn't Paul explain that it is okay for different people to have different gifts? Perhaps it is sufficient to expect each elected official to be competent at governing or legislating rather expecting them to excel at preaching.

If we want God's love to spread throughout the world, we can make that happen above and beyond any political system we collectively choose or any specific government we elect.

Lisa Olsen more than 9 years ago

Christians and elections.

OK, so you understand that God is neither Republican nor Democrat!!!!!!
It's also very true that God is NOT American!!!!!!!! Decades ago I learned in Sunday School that God is All Knowing, All Powerful, Omnipresent or Every-
where. I also believe that God is MULTILINGUAL, and has spoken to, informed, and loved many tribes in many locations......and is known by many names!!!!!!!! There are lots of people besides Christians voting in every election
Regarding FOX NEWS, Saying the name of God while spewing hate for various minorities is not the sign of being Christian!!!!!!!!

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago

One Nation under God

We need to come together as Christians. Any "religion" that does not recognize Christ is "ANTI" Christ. I l;ove all people but I hate what lots of them stand for.

We ALL FALL SHORT and none of us are "Deserving" but our spiritual life is far more important than our carnal life but I spirit should direct our carnal life. A tree is known by its fruit. A good tree can not produce bad fruit nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.

This election is important as all of them are because God is judging each of us by our vote. Are we doing God's will by our vote or are we voting because we have selfish motives? No one knows the answer to this question except God and the person who casts the vote and for what reason was that vote cast.

Who knows the heart of a man except God and that man? Our vote is important and shouldn't be taken lightly. Our Lord knows our hearts. None of our leaders are showing much leadership qualities. If they were, they would encourage allAMERICANS TO PRAY and send a strong message to our Supreme Court that our God is God and our chilldren n eed to know about Him if they are going to survive.

Tim Mashburn more than 9 years ago


A great list! These guidelines belong in The Book of Discipline and in church
bulletins across the denomination.

With permission, I am going to have a shot at writing a ten session study based on these guidelines.

Nick Evans more than 9 years ago

Agree with most

I agree with statements 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10.

Karen Endsley more than 9 years ago


A better idea is to pray 40 days prior to the election.For prayers go to
fpc-gt.org.There are news stations that refer to GOD and prayer on a regular basis.FOX NEWS Choose wisely.

Julianne Booth more than 9 years ago

Thank You

Thank you

Deanna Grissom more than 9 years ago

the list

Ben -
Good list. I think it's probably gotten the response because it's one of the few rational things from a Christian point of view that's come out in this election cycle.

Couple of comments. On #1, I think you need to add other religions. Of course, you're aiming this at Christians, but it's also true that there are good Jewish/Muslim/Hindu/Sikh/Mormon, etc. people who affiliate with both parties. To leave those other groups out seems to make them some kind of 2nd class citizens politically.

Really glad someone finally said 6 & 7. How self-centered are we to think that *this* is the most important election. In reality, there's only the tiniest bit of difference between the two candidates.

I think with #8 you could have referenced some scriptures about gossip. Because that's really what that's about.

#9, you could have mentioned that if it comes from church leadership or the pulpit, the church can - by law - lose its tax exempt status.

I think #10 is a good idea. Hope it happens.

Jim Snell more than 9 years ago

Election 1012

Thanks for the reminders.

Carlton D. Casey more than 9 years ago


Thanks- I wasn't sure what this list was going to contain when it was forwarded to me, but I couldn't agree more. I would love for folks on both sides of the aisle to show respect to one another and put the good of the country above the good of the party.

Jennifer Carwile more than 9 years ago


This absolutely fantastic. Thanks. It is absolutely necessary that we develop a deep understanding of our ideological opponents, even as a spiritual practice. we have to remember that we are all in this boat together. Some people look forward to see the iceberg, others have built the ship.

Chris more than 9 years ago