GC 2012: Looking Back

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Looking back

I agree that we won't make any progress until we start doing things in a different way. We can't have a structure that makes sense until we deal with the inequities and antiquities in our current global arrangement. That has to come first. Then we have to figure out how to spend our time at GC doing something other than fighting over who will have power for the next 4 years. But I suspect the folks behind IOT, etc, are already trying to figure out how to modify their proposal to push it through next time without dealing with the fundamental, underlying issues.

Jan Nelson more than 9 years ago

UMC's Mission

This is a brilliant expos;tion of the State of UMC. It is looking back and reaching forward. Fundamental issues are being raised which need to be addressed in develop the proper structure to empower vital congregations.

Is UMC envisaging a global church or what Dan Dick calls a global confederacy?

Is UMC willing to be inclusive with open mind and compassionate heart?

Is UMC recognizing the different priorities of mission in different regions of the world?

Is UMC exercising stewardship in using funds and personnel for the task of transformation of lives and community.

We need to spend time and energy in discovering the mission of the church in today's world and then shape the structure to do it.

Yap Kim Hao more than 9 years ago