The Costs of Low Expectations



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The Cost of Low Expectations

When you ented a church and see every pew filled. You get excited, but what if everyone is sucking on a baby bottle filled with just enough living water that they stay comfortable. When ever people leave "OUR CHURCH" we need to find out why; create a study group; look at it for 12 to 18 months; issue a report; and get it published. The fact is people leave (considering the age of our members-death is another reality). Maybe it is time to get out the instruction manuel out and read it. The real question for me is how do you show God to a world that is messed up. If you want a church or denomination that is growing- Let Go and Let God! So simple and yet we want to slice, dice, probe,poke, and know why. Maybe God is saying," Because I am God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, The real question is when you see the Son of God hanging on a cross, bloody-skin lacerated-naked for all to see. How can you stand there in your suit, with all the values that you hold so dear (pinned to your chest) and say "Look at me Christ-what I have done for you."

Stephen Whitlock more than 10 years ago