What Color Is Your Prayerchute?




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Jesus Followers

If prayer is commonly all about us, how is prayer not helping us to become who God needs us to be? Jesus after all, prayed "gimme" prayers throughout most of his ministry. Not for wealth, but for God's will of saving health and wholeness of body, mind and spirit. His ministry was characterized by the blind receiving sight, the lame walking, the deaf hearing, and the dead being raised back to life. I think he said something about his followers doing the same things, maybe even more of them and more powerfully.

If God is real, and God desires our wholeness and healing, and Jesus' exemplified this attitude, how is it "immature" (or the wrong color) to ask for his power and intervention? If we are truly children of the Father, doesn't he want us to rely on him in order for us to be humble, patient servants who do not think they operate on their own, but through the power that he grants us? And if that power is real, not just some kind of intellectual exercise, are we not required to go and teach and heal and spread the Good News of the kingdom? And isn't prayer (red, blue, orange, green or purple) that comes from our hearts, for protection, or healing, or strength, conversation with our Father that helps us grow in our relationship with him and others?

I don't think we should ever pray for evil to befall anyone, especially our enemies, as difficult as that might be. Jesus said pray for them after all. But his example to us was to oppose all forms of evil, whether in the form of hurtful circumstances or sickness of body, mind, or spirit. When we pray for help or healing, I think we are in good company.

Anne aselleck more than 8 years ago