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Some people are not from God. They are followers of Satan. They have fallen like the fallen angels. God does not love those who disobey his laws. God will destroy those who mock him. Ministers will be punished even worse for heretics. (II Peter 2) Those who sin after knowing the truth, there is no more sacrifice. They will be punished worse than those who disobeyed the Laws of Moses before Christ came. (Hebrews 10:26-31) Gay ministers are a mockery. You should know better! You cannot rewrite the laws of Moses. All sex sin outside of one man and one woman is sin. God created Adam and Eve as an example to follow always. Jesus had only one bride (contrary to all the fake churches). Her name is Mary Magdalene. The church is not the bride. The nation of Israel is not the bride. The city of Jerusalem is not the bride. Mother Mary is not the bride. The virgin of Israel (Jerusalem) has fallen and no one can make her rise again. (Amos 5:2) Do you want to add anything to that?

Sandra Bouchard more than 7 years ago

Um, uh

"Do you want to add anything to that?" I wouldn't even know where to start. Somewhere between incoherent and incomprehensible lies this particular comment. I'm sorry, Sandra, but there is nothing here that has any meaning for me.

Geoffrey more than 7 years ago