Blowback: Lamenting an Open-Source Call to Action



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Good to hear, Tim

Tim, good to hear. Glad that Andy is reaching out and that does seem like that fits with the requests from the article.

Jeremy Smith more than 9 years ago


The first thing I saw was the CtA proposal. It fairly horrified me, for a lot of reasons already cited,and also because it gives such huge power to those who control Budget and Finance. They SHOUD NOT also control Communications or Archives and History as a general principle. The press needs to be a free as it can possibly be, and I don't want the bean counters to be controlling the history and records, either.

I did like the MFSA proposal much better, because it is more open, includes a more representative number of people and is much more flexible We won't get it all right the first time, and we need to be able to tinker gently rather than tear everything up all over again.

Let's move toward it, making such changes as we deem necessary.

Another issue. While I dislike conference calls a lot, they are a lot less costly than plane tickets, visas, hotels and meals. We need to get the best equipment, and the best IT person(s) and learn to use calls and video calls effectively and powerfully. It will be rough to start, but we can do this.

Anne Ewing more than 9 years ago

open source


Don't underestimate the amount of pre-GC conversation that is already going on among delegates on General Administration. It may not be happening in one formal public meeting (which would be near impossible for the international delegates to attend) but I believe it is happening.

I appreciate your call to open-source the project and find it interesting to think about how they could have started the whole process differently. But I have also heard many people involved say they know it won't come out of GC unchanged and that's fine. It is in the hands of the delegates now.

I think what you term "blowback" is actually the conversation we need to be having and it will result in a better restructure emerging. All is not gloomy, it may not be pretty but perhaps this is actually what "holy conferencing" looks like.

Amy more than 9 years ago

In Defense of Wisconsin critique

As a loyal follower of Dan Dick's blog, I see his hand in the writing of this critique. What I have come to appreciate most about him is that he points out shortcomings/weaknesses in the hopes of initiating discussion on a broader scale. Although he will occassionally throw out his own soultions, he very much wants discussion on a broad scale; the more input and discussion the better. That is what this article is proposing.

Betsy more than 9 years ago

One step towards open-sourcing

Maybe someone's listening? Several members of the Connectional Table deputized Andy Langford to initiate an email conversation with General Administration committee members. That's one of your suggestions for making this an open-source project (but the committee, as you pointed out, isn't very representative of the whole church).

Tim Riss more than 9 years ago