Church Metrics = Young Clergy Brain Drain



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measured against whose image?

on a more general note there is some irony that none of the measures being lorded over the clergy are geared directly towards measuring how much laity are becoming more or less Christ-like so one has to ask "making disciples" of whom, in whose image?
The more particular issue of youth membership is tied to the Church losing its central role in communities (which no longer exist in our mobilized age) and in the lives of people, now pastors have to compete with secular organizers like coaches and concert promoters, and the most important thing in the lives of laity (judged by their time and efforts/commitments) is not to serve Christ, so who would want have such a peripheral role as being a clergy person, or hang around such outer circles?
Methodism without rigorous methods of disciplining ourselves to be more available to God's will, and without an uncompromising focus on God first, is all too much like the state church of practical atheists that Wesley was called to reform all those years ago.

dirk more than 9 years ago