Jesus Was Black Because He Was a Jew



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Christians are not supposed to be racist

It does not matter what color Jesus was, black or white. What matters is our love for him and living Right. By judging on color is against God.

tammy farrell more than 2 years ago

Jesus is black

The claim of Cone is twisted, sick and absurd. It is driven by mindless hatred and should never have been posted by an organization associated with a Christian denomination.

Donald Kosloff more than 7 years ago

Sick, Twisted, Absurd?

If your judgement here expressed was valid, then Jesus would have been on the side of the oppressors rather than that of the oppressed. A reasonable interpretation of Christianity does not allow for that. Christianity is not a system formed by any sort of political correctness. An organization associated with a christian denomination is not therefore obligated to enforce political correctness.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

Jesus is black

It seems obvious that Mr. Kosloff and Mr. Shuler seem to miss the point of Christ's work, that it was with the oppressed and poor. I seem to remember something about the eye of a needle? Maybe it should refer to OPPRESSORS or self indulgent/I AM RIGHT individuals who can not relate to a mission that involves sacrifice. It's a good thing they live today and not in the first century, Christianity would not have survived their lives.

G. Howard Bush more than 7 years ago