Why Do the Top 100 #UMC’s Shun Methodism?



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cross and flame

I know I'm late to the party with this information but maybe because of my age 62 I don't get the line you wrote "just saying “a cross and a flame” evokes more images of 1960s KKK rallies than hearts strangely warmed in Methodist pews". Maybe I'm just left behind but I wouldn't even start to think of those 2 things going together.

John more than 2 years ago

denomination ties

Although I understand the connection to a denomination, I have to wonder if churches become too connected and allow too much of the denomination politics into play in how they do church and minister to the specific needs of individuals and families of their immediate area or region. Many church names and/or denomination titles deter non-Christ followers away from the church. Shouldn't we just share Christ and meet needs as Jesus did and not worry so much with the denomination rules and politics?

brenna more than 8 years ago

St. Andrew Plano UMC

St. Andrew Plano indicates that it is a UMC at bottom first web page.

Evie more than 8 years ago


Do they pay their part of "Fair Share" or apportionments whatever it is called now? It would be interesting to correlate that. It is a shame that they feel the need to do this. Is this in line with the pastor's feelings? The UMC is not perfect but it has a message and a mission that follows the commands of Christ and His Father.

Arlene Green more than 8 years ago


To me this is form of deception. At least on the web site many appear to me non-deomon. Know doubt some people elect to try them out based on that assumption. Is that how we do things?

Will more than 8 years ago

The real point

What is the real point of the church? Are we trying to convert people to become Methodists or are we trying to make disciples and followers of Christ? If these top 100 churches are growing and bringing people to Christ, why do we care what denominational symbols they show? I don't believe Christ would care. Today's culture is not attracted to a church because they have a cross and flame logo displayed on it or their website. They come because they are made to feel welcome and hear the Truth preached there. At least that's my experience.

Kent McPherson more than 8 years ago