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Regarding "my biggest complaint about the board is that it appears to me to be largely impotent. I’m not sure if it can point to any actual impacts it has had other than going along and shouting “us, too” or “please, no” assome piece of policy or legislation was adopted" I can point to actual impacts that the work of GBCS has had recently, and that it was at different levels of the church and the community. Regarding the board's advocacy for immigration reform and specifically its advocacy against private for-profit prisons and its advocacy in favor of undocumented children, the work that GBCS did on educating UMC members, movilizing them for advocacy, its advocacy with legislators, and more, all of this work resulted in communities rejecting the building of private for-profit prisons in their communities, the implementing of the "deferred action for undocumented children", and even more, the active involvement of United Methodist asisting in their communities to help children and their families navigate the process.
This is just one examples of many I have witnessed.

Nora Colmenares more than 9 years ago