'Elysium' and the Conquest of Canaan



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Tribal religion

Moses had a tribal religion and a tribal God. Moses did genocide on these Palestinians because they practiced perversion. Moses wrote that his tribal God did the same thing to Sodom and others. Moses also wrote in his law against perversion. It is clear that Moses had a racist tribal religion that is still practiced in Israel today, according to my Palestinian friends. It is Christ of the New Testament that founded a universal religion for all.

John more than 8 years ago

Progressive Revelation

The former Pope Benedict wrote in favor of Progressive Revelation in Verbum Domini, 2008. In referring to the "dark passages" of Scripture, he began by saying:

42. In discussing the relationship between the Old and the New Testaments, the Synod also considered those passages in the Bible which, due to the violence and immorality they occasionally contain, prove obscure and difficult.

Here it must be remembered first and foremost that biblical revelation is deeply rooted in history.

God’s plan is manifested progressively and it is accomplished slowly, in successive stages and despite human resistance.

In other words, when reading the Bible we must bear in mind the particular stage of God's plan that a passage deals with. We cannot simply take a passage at random and claim that it is a direct expression of God's will for all ages or for our own.

This is what Pope Benedict means when he stresses (the italics are in the original) that biblical revelation "is deeply rooted in history" and that God's plan "is manifested progressively . . . in successive stages."

Peter more than 8 years ago