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verses in O.T.

We know that the Hebrew tribes were concerned about building up their numbers. but I don't see any verses that forbid same sex intimacy....I see verses showing same sex intimacy. Jonathan disrobed in front of David. Ruth declared her faithfulness to Naomi.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago


I continue to be baffled by the adherence that many have to man made rules as opposed to the spirit of Christ's teachings. I am still waiting for anyone to explain to me how it is that marrying two people of the same sex violates the spirit of Christ and His teachings. Sure, you will point me to verses from the Old Testament that certainly forbid same sex intimacy, but they also forbid so many other things that we all accept today. How will our church be hurt if we allow those pastors who, after prayer, reflection and study determine that same sex marriage is appropriate be hurt by conducting those marriages? At the same time, those pastors who after the same reflection, prayer and study feel it s inappropriate decide not to perform the ceremonies don't do them...how is the Church hurt?

R. Joseph more than 8 years ago

Pastoral Freedom?

Mr. Joseph -- what happens, in the Methodist system, if a single congregation is served by a succession of pastors who have DIFFERENT views on the matter? So a church would have one pastor who would not perform same gender weddings followed by another pastor who would. The congregation -- which, we do well to remember, is the reason the pastor has a job in the first place -- is tossed to and fro by the various theological whims of its itinerant clergy. While your ideas sounds reasonable and fair, I believe it would have quite negative outcomes if put into practice.

Talbot Davis more than 8 years ago


What negative outcomes? Let's say that some in our congregation do not approve of a Pastor performing a same sex marriage, how exactly will they be affected by it if it happens? The easy answer is that they will feel disenfranchised within the Congregation and possibly leave. Will they feel anymore disenfranchised than people who believe that these marriages should be performed? At least my idea gives some discretion to our Pastors. The idea to just forbid gives NO DISCRETION to those Pastors and no place for the disenfranchised to go.

Tell me, do you believe Christ would have sat on one of our Methodist trial juries??

Please do not view this as an attack. It is a discussion. I BELIEVE in my heart that our Methodist brothers and sisters who do not believe in SS marriage, come from a place of wanting to serve God and be obedient. I do not believe it comes from a place of hate.

R. Joseph more than 8 years ago