The Idolatry of the Mission Statement




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Listening to Holy Spirit/Following Jesus???

Maybe there should be less 'cultivating disciples' and OURSELVES responding to Jesus's call
to follow him in showing love and compassion to everyone !!!!!!
Oh, but then we wouldn't have time to be 'good capitalists' and go to work to make the rich
richer, or to be the 'investors' who get rich and put our wealth overseas....which certainly doesn't help our neighbors. As a church member I am tired of reciting a creed---which doesn't sound very much like what Jesus told us---while my fellow members silently uphold a policy which condemns me and the other 10% of God's sons and daughters who are not created Heterosexual.
And I am supposed to invite my friends to attend church ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago