May We Never See Another Day Like It



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We have overlooked leadership issues in the past, but we are in desparate times - we can no longer ignore anything that causes further decline in our membership. Dr. Jorge Acevedo from Ft Myers put it well as our guest speaker at our 2012 Annual Conference -" We deserve that which we are willing to tolerate". If we are we willing to tolerate ineffective and divisive leadership and lack of accountability, then we deserve a dying church. One other thought - Erin Hawkin's chastisement of the conference for expressing unequal applause for candidates who withdrew from the election process may have been an accurate assessment, but it is an example of how we have allowed diversity, no matter how important, and political correctness to almost become a form of idolitry.

Tom Wussow more than 9 years ago


The pain Dr. Miles reports on here has been experienced by "ordinary" pastors since the late 1970s. There have been quite a number of bishops who were dealt with since then who have felt the pain she describes, as have those who have supported those bishops. However, Bishop Bledsoe is the first whose administrative actions have been dealt with in a serious fashion. Other bishops have done the same things he has over the years but whose administrations never were taken seriously despite the devastation their practices caused. Anyone who has looked at petitions for the General Conference to consider through its Ministry and Judicial Administration legislative committees will recognize that a number of us have been working on handling complaints for both pastors and bishops since 1984. In fact, a delegate from Florida noted during plenary at Tampa that two petitioners from Florida had placed 91 petitions before the General Conference this year. My contribution alone was over 60. So you can imagine my glee to discover that Dr, Miles and a number of her friends are also interested these matters. I propose that we combine efforts so that workable systems of accountability can be considered and offered at the next General Conference. Meanwhile we can work to pass along ideas to the respective church bodies about changes that they can follow within the current system without having to wait until 2016. Dr. Miles and any of her friends are welcome to contact Associates in Advocacy through our website at or contact me directly at

Jerry Eckert more than 9 years ago

Fixing, talking, race

The Reverend Miles has hit several nails squarely on the head. It usually takes a crisis to bring about real change. Crisis is about time (as Will Bailey told us once), and it means that the time is up. It's "fish or cut bait" time for the UMC, and this crisis is a call for action unlike any that have ever sounded before. Procedures, real meaningful communicating and fearless discussions about racism----not yours or mine so much but racism that is inherent in the system----the United Methodist Church.

David Barton more than 9 years ago


Let all United Methodists heed the words of Ms. Miles. We ALL need to heal and not allow the politics of this issue ot divide. Let us take the steps needed to make certain that no Methodist walks this path in the future! Shalom!

Ed Weymouth more than 9 years ago