GC2019 Voting Credentials Under Review



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Let's call this what it is. A back door scam to overturn the results of GC 2019 by attacking the integrity of the voting process. The "bribing for votes" ploy has been tried and failed and now it is the credentialing process ploy. After reading the article it is clear the organizers went through extensive effort to ensure the delegates were properly credentialed. Unbelievable how low some people will go when they do not get their way. Be nice to name names where this accusation started.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Calm down

Before jumping to conclusions we have to determine several things. First, was coordinated? If it wasn't then its innocent volunteer incompetence and you chalk it up to not using a paid staff. Second, if it was coordinated who was responsible? We have no idea at this point who was responsible or if the actor was associated with either camp. So we all need to be calm. When the stakes are this high we have to ensure that the integrity especially when the Church is involved is maintained.

eric more than 2 years ago