United Methodist Trust Clause: Critical Amid Struggle?



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Excuse me: Perhaps the “Trust Law” was written when church leadership could be trusted!

Behold, the legal eagles cometh! Blessed art the Trust Clause because Wesley wrote it and courts have upheld it – can I get an Amen?
Not from me. We the simple UMC members trusted our church leadership to uphold the agreed upon, passed-as-agreed rules and regs of the governing Book of Discipline and that has been ignored where convenient to our lofty leadership. How many homosexual pastors and instructors at seminaries are there now? How many homosexual bishops are there? Where in the BoD are they allowed? Oh? The rules of trust don’t apply to management? Now, after decades of ignored violations, church management will use the rules which favor their needs?
Here is my suggestion to fight where trust has long since left the building(s): Send a note in the plate rather than the monthly check: “Our pledge payments will continue when the Book of Discipline is followed faithfully.” Boards might stop apportionment payments. And, if GC2019 does not fully correct the mess, which will be impossible, send the next pledge card back with a note like, “Sorry, you violated my “Trust Clause - I trusted you and you failed me”. Wherever possible, fiscal strangulation is much better than costly litigation. No lawyer fees.
Now, let me address the Wesley thing. John Wesley was a great man, visionary, Christian who brought our religion into focus and into the lives of common people. No debate. But, his name or works do not appear in the Bible. He was a great man of his time as opposed to a saint for all times. So, the fact that he wrote the Trust Clause (albeit with three lawyers – what could go wrong with that?) does not put it on the level of the Sermon on the Mount or the Ten Commandments or any Gospel. It was a legal document of its time and, due to the failures of UMC management over decades, times have changed.
Final point. Remember, our dear leadership, the “doors” might remain yours in a court of law, but the doors all have hinges. We are free to leave that empty building, the light bill, the maintenance, the insurance and the rest with you. Ask your progressive friends at the Episcopal Church just how that’s worked out for them…

Reese Turner more than 3 years ago

Amen on Trusted Leadership

John Wesley realized how any immoral relationship totally undermines one's relationship with God.

Skipper more than 3 years ago

Your questions

"How many homosexual pastors and instructors at seminaries are there now? How many homosexual bishops are there?"

Answer: Apparently not enough as the right-wing members are engaging in legislative legerdemain in attempts to steal the denomination's real estate rather than having quietly left for The Churches of What's Happenin' Now they wish to emulate.

"Ask your progressive friends at the Episcopal Church just how that’s worked out for them."

I have, and their answer is "Quite nicely, thank you." Being relieved of meanspirited bigots is a blessing for them. Oh, sure, their collection plate's a little emptier and there's a few more empty seats, but it's entirely your imagination that the people who are not there left for right-wing houses of whorship. Most simply died or dropped out when they realized church membership was not anything which afforded any standing to them any more like it was in Mark Twain's day. These days it's a net negative except in places like Fritters, Alabama.

Did you see the funeral service for the late President George H.W. Bush (Episcopal)? That was at The National Cathedral, dude. People remember Poppy's quiet piety and compare it to the sturm and drang you Religious Right fanatics revel in.

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

gracioius exit

Reese Turner....#awesome

Jean more than 3 years ago

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