Worldwide Guideposts on 'A Way Forward': A Vision for the Global UMC



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I think you nailed it Darryl.

joe miller more than 5 years ago

Feedback & Greetings

Excellent article. Thorough and well balanced. I found the comparisons with the 1968 merger especially revealing of the lack of serious preparation that went into the 2008 "acquisition." On an unrelated note, I see you are part of the Texas Annual Conference. So am I. Retired a year and a half ago after 38 years fairly evenly divided between local church appointments and positions in higher education. But I can't recall that we ever crossed paths. If you're ever back in Houston attending TAC sessions, I'd love a chance to get better acquainted.

Keith A. Jenkins more than 5 years ago


itinerating as a white male conservative in a progressive annual conference, it's easy to see signs that this vision for a big tent only extends from progressives in one direction. Even under the current BoD into which which I have entered an ordination covenant, I will never be appointed to Conference staff or be considered for certain churches or ever participate in a Jurisdictional or General Conference despite being fruitful and faithful in all my appointments. So if our Book of Covenant shifts on the matter of human sexuality, will I be asked to lay aside my convictions and maintain the BoD and if I cannot in good conscious, will I be removed or asked to leave or relegated even further to the margins? Will I be excluded from the Table in this church in which I have sacrificed and given my life? Power in any human hands is subjective. If we make room for others, will others be pushed out? Will those who are "inclusive" be exclusive towards those they perceive as "exclusive?" I have witnessed this in my own ordination journey.

steve g more than 5 years ago

Looks like Satan has gotten ahold of this church! So against what God says in His word!

Looks like satan has gotten ahold of this Church! This is against everything God says in His word!

Laurie more than 5 years ago

And furthermore

your comparison of the merger that created the American United Methodist Church with what went down in Africa points to a huge loss of capable leadership in the UMC! As a longtime member of the Methodist/United Methodist Church, it is disheartening to realize the multitude of ways this church is off track! And I have not even dealt with my own personal beef with the UMC which is of a spiritual nature.

Joan Watson more than 5 years ago

Thank you!

For pointing out that the church has bigger issues than the sexuality question. But how do we get past the sexuality question to deal with the bigger issues? The most vocal of the liberal/progressives keep making this the "do or die" issue by refusing to accept the answer that has been handed down many times. And yes, us pesky conservatives are to blame because we agree with the answer and refuse to bend to the liberal/progressive will.

Joan Watson more than 5 years ago

Huge thanks

Thorough and extremely helpful summary of the bigger "issue" we are facing as we try to live into a global context. By far the best thing I have read. Thanks so much, from Scot Danforth's wife! (UT Press Director)

Dawn Chesser more than 6 years ago

"a forum for their own issues"

I spend half the year in the United Kingdom. There is a parallel with the idea that there needs to be a pace for UMC members in U S dealing with their own issues. Currently there has been devolution in the U K with Scotland and Wales having their own parliaments. Yet they still send M Ps to the parliament in London and are involved with making, among other things, decisions that affect the English. More and more English people are becoming unhappy that there is not a separate parliament in England for English to deal with English matters, just as the Welsh and Scots make decisions for their own people without the English voting on these.

H A "Bud" Tillinghast more than 6 years ago

UK parallel

This is a really interesting parallel, Bud. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Darryl Stephens more than 6 years ago

UK Parallel - Global?

To be very brief - the UK experience in the European Union, reasons for its possible withdrawal and the history of the EU in general provide lessons to be considered if not learned.

George Duffee-Braun more than 5 years ago