LGBTQ United Methodists Share Disappointment, Healing and Hope with Indiana Bishop



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People still do not understand that traditional believers (who have the majority of votes at general conference) think that sexual acts outside of marriage are sinful. Endlessly repeating harm, inclusion, and justice will not change that. Many people are still in the denial and grief phases. Until there is acceptance that there really is a huge doctrinal gulf between two major factions in the UMC, there will be people who cannot face the reality of the need to end the schism by formally splitting.

td more than 2 years ago

Then open up marriage

Allow same sex marriage in the Church. You are adhering to an old bias that LGBTQ+ folks are exceptionally promiscuous. It's not true (not in America, at least) - so hold that line firm but accept gay marriage in the Church. Then we can agree on the basis here.d

JR more than 2 years ago