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Insight's Life

If you have what it takes, stay alive. I go here to find the blogs and tho'ts I need to prod me, gi ve me hope, and kick me in the can when that's what I need. It keeps me "youngish" in tho't. Don't let me grow old too soon.

Bishop Judy Craig, retired in name only

Judy Craig more than 9 years ago

Keep Going

This was great having access to all these voices. We have much work in the next 4 years and I want to continuing hearing what the Church is saying.

Kathy Haley more than 9 years ago


I have appreciated the attempt to reflect theologically on the persistent issues of the United Methodist Church. There is precious little of that going around and suspect you would have an audience willing to journey with you as stimulating new ideas surface from the many. There simply hasn't been a place for dreams and visions to surface and spread. I don't know what financial resources are available to you, but consider this to be an excellent place for those with such to affect the church like grass growing through cement to make an unacknowledged and yet direct link with developing a better church. Regardless of where-to next, thank you for your insight and impact on General Conference 2012.

Wesley White more than 9 years ago

Should Insight continue

Insight was a wonderful, on-going reflection on GC2012. Thanks. It was influential because it was in touch with (1) the dynamic young Progressive voices on Twitter, (2) long-term spiritual issues facing UMC, (3) daily happenening in Legislative Coms and on the floor. You alone were thinking reflectively rather than short-term political gain.
I don't know whether it is feasible to continue at that level. You would have to be a shadow UMNS, reflecting on meetings of CoBs, Connectional Table, GBGM, etc. That's a lot of staff time. If you can do that, GREAT! but you don't want the spiritual quality to suffer. I doubt that enough happens at the general church level for a frequent blog. Maybe better to (1) do a good job on wrap-up, (reflecting on the reflections of Coyner, Schol, etc.), (2) a wind-up reflection giving CoB their marching orders for the quadrennium, (3) reflect on new bishops elected in August, (4) reflect on first meetings of new boards, and then wait until 2014 when things begin to heat up again-- or whenever the Establishment begins to plan for 2016.
Look for CoB to try to "bish" in response to JC's decision, call a big consultation, and come into 2016 with a new Call to Action. Best suggestion from 2014: Announce the Plan in advance and let annual conferences give feedback in 2015.
C2A missed the point: What do the general agencies have to do with "effective" LCs? The real problem is not general agencies or "ineffective" pastors? My answers: (1) generational shift (old leaders dying off), (2) paradigm shift (UMC has been a "church" that liked to sound like a "sect," but now has to BE a sect), (3) become global and, at the same time, be locally relevant (UN has same problem). Let GC be global, but not mess up local mission with rules and procedures that don't fit. Africa says change on LGBT position would negatively impact their evangelism. What about negative impact of present position on young people in U.S.?
Thanks, again, Insight.

Jim Davis more than 9 years ago

Keep Going!

As the focus returns to the local churches and making sense of the actions and inactions of General Conference, the thoughts of the various bloggers could be very helpful. Although I follow several UM bloggers, having a easy reference of articles would be make it that much easier to tap into all of the insights throughout our church. Please consider continuing!

Irene more than 9 years ago


If you decide to continue, you need to tap into the blog "The View from Dixon Hall" by Maria Dixon, MDiv, PhD: "An academic, consultant, and theologian that believes that strategic communication is at the heart of every successful endeavor! A lover of the comma, this is not a blog for the grammatically sensitive! " She has had some very insightful thoughts.

Betsy more than 9 years ago


Thank you for Insight and for all who contributed. It was helpful, challenging, and inspiring to read the thoughts of persons as they experienced General Conference.

BarbaraS more than 9 years ago