U. S. Membership Dips Below UMC Majority



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U.S. membership dips below majority status

Could this be a reason that our Connectional Table of bishops is recommending separation of U.S. church from the global church? Is it that we won't have as many delegates at General Conference?

William Pearsall more than 1 year ago

US Membership verses attendance

When you compare worship attendance to total membership in the US it shows about 40% of our membership is in church on any given Sunday. Either a. we have a very uncomitted membership or b. we need to badly purge our membership lists in the US or c. both. Either we need to have an attendance requirement for membership or use worship attendance as the number we base everything on. It's harder to fudge and easier to maintain those numbers, whereas purging membership is much harder and can be controversial in a church. How many of us have heard the objection to removing "Johnny" from membership, who now lives a thousand miles away and hasn't been to church in years, because we are cutting him off from his "church home"?

Scott more than 1 year ago

I agree

We ought to have a consistently applied definition of membership, which ought to include a) regular attendance unless physically unable, b) financial/in-person support unless incapable, and c) geographically reasonable.

The details may be flexible (rural Montana might have a larger geographic circle for members than Atlanta does), but the principles should be pretty basic.

JR more than 1 year ago

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