A Deeper Look at the Mt. Bethel UMC Conflict




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Aesop got it right...

He got it right with a little fable entitled, "The Dog in the Manger." UM institutional loyalists will cling to buildings/properties rendered less than useless as the pastors and congregations leave with or without their buildings/properties. It is the exact same reason colleges, universities, etc. insulate themselves from those on whatever side who would seek to force them to bow down to activists demands with the threat of having their buildings/properties taken.

bthomas 7 days ago

Conference Trustees and Mt. Bethel

How exactly have the North Georgia Conference Trustees "assumed control of the assets of Mt. Bethel"? Real property? Bank accounts? Buildings and contents? I'm not saying it can't and shouldn't be done; I'm just asking how it was accomplished, and what it consists of.

Jeanne D Devine 9 days ago


A progressive quoting a "violation" of the BOD as a reason for moving a pastor is irony at its best. I believe the dismissal of the music director is in line with the BOD and within the power of the church in totality.

Brian Evers 12 days ago

Dr. Pete

Saint Mark UMC in Atlanta has not paid its full apportionment during the same time period that Mt. Bethel has not paid theirs. And their are other churches in the North Georgia Conference that are withholding apportionments. Jody Ray is not the first person to refuse an appointment, Walter Kimbrough refused to go to Ben Hill UMC in 2006 when Bishop Lindsey Davis appointed him. And there have been other pastors and churches in the North Georgia Conference who have refused appointments. Your historical recollection and statistical data are missing. Let's have a conversation.

Odell Horne 14 days ago


The irony of "progressives" who are incensed over violations of the Book of Discipline cannot be ignored.

RR 14 days ago

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