My new life in a minority: One United Methodist’s perspective



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All means All

Thank you for expressing your thoughts and convictions to us All.
I hope that our denomination may become a church that is open
in truth, rather than just in name and slogan................RDE

Robert D. Eldred more than 10 years ago

Drachler's Vote

Hearty affirmation! The soul of our denomination is at stake. As part of the loyal opposition, I hope we can be loyal to the gospel and opposed to the sin of exclusion. When that pits us aginst denomninational policies, let us pray and act and speak with courage and committment.,

Dwight Vogel more than 10 years ago

Thank You

Thank you for your honesty and clear interpretation that judgment is left to God and that our guidance is to love and accept ALL! I grieve that this issue will be hanging over us for another four years. How much further will our membership and relevance drop between now and 2016?

Irene more than 10 years ago

Stephen Drachler's vote


Barbara Snell more than 10 years ago