Towers, Schism, and the Confusion of The United Methodist Church



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I'll stick with human constructs

that are rooted in well over 2000 years of Judeo-Christian thought that identifies God as "He".That is exactly what gave birth to Methodism in the first place. Other than the concept of sanctification in this life, John Wesley did not come up with anything 'new". In fact he borrowed what he thought was the best of several different faith traditions ranging from German pietists to Roman Catholicism and stirred in a scoop sanctification. He called it a practical religion for a plain people, something you and the UMC as a whole are miles away from.

BEtsy more than 5 years ago

Thanks for reading

It seems like my use of the feminine pronoun for God really upset you; that wasn't my intent. If you study the original languages of the Bible you'll understand that the gender of the word for Spirit, particularly the Hebrew rūaḥ, is feminine. We get hung up on gender sometimes in our modern culture but apparently God's people didn't always feel that way at lease as it comes to the gender of the Spirit. Blessings.

Patrick Scriven more than 5 years ago

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