The Rebellion Prepares for Full-Court Press



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split is only way

agree to disagree is the only way forward. Our “leaders” have sit on the fence to long. Please for the sake of all Methodists let us go separate ways or we will be nothing. People leaving on droves for a church that doesn't follow anything why would a clergy join a church that doesn’t fit their agenda? To change our core foundation! It’s time to take a stand and stop being a ridicule expression of faith

Lynn more than 1 year ago

We Do Need to Resist Harm, but ...

I come from a traditional family background and would agree with the Wesley family of long ago that Christians must maintain moral lives. Otherwise marriage is undermined. A same-sex relationship does not qualify as an legitimate alternative to marriage. From my background if you want to resist harm, one should not encourage others into same-sex relationships or changing their God-given gender. It would be harmful to resist the family structure that God has given us.

Skipper more than 1 year ago

Christian morality

Thou shalt not judge. It is not for us to question another's "Christian morality."

You say, "It would be harmful to resist the family structure that God has given us." Explain, please. Harmful to who and in what way?

God created and continues to create everything perfectly. He breathes life into each of us; He paints our faces, hair, and eyes; He knows each of our hearts because He created them perfectly out of love. When we share those hearts with others, be they of the opposite gender or the same, we are sharing the love that He created. This can only be a good thing.

Lombardi Lombardi more than 1 year ago

the rebellion prepares

Two observations. (1) "The Rebellion" is a timely turn-of-phrase as the final Star Wars movie is set to emerge...certainly coincidence?! (2) Another article appearing with this one recounts the slaughter of 25 United Methodists by a group affiliated with Islamic terrorist movements such as Boko Haram. Groups like that are not known for embracing theological nuance. Whatever steps GC2020 takes must be sure to avoid any decision that invites targeting African UM members by terrorist groups as a consequence of those decisions. The GC really has the power to set the stage for a literal massacre of members, or for true win-win alternatives. Pray the GC chooses life, for all.

bob more than 1 year ago