Church’s Future Again a Hot Topic



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European Bishops weigh in

Why do the bishops call the faction traditionalists instead of fundamentalists? What does traditionalist mean to them?

Marilyn Davis more than 1 year ago


... it's almost impossible to be Wesleyan AND fundamentalist. Traditionalist Wesleyans and fundamentalists have too many different views on scripture--whether it's the nature of human-divine authorship, inerrancy, the interplay of scriptural authority with the other three elements within Outler's so-called quadrilateral. For a far-more in-depth look at the differences, I'd suggest the highly readable Square Peg: Why Wesleyans Aren't Fundamentalists, edited by Al Truesdale. By the way, calling a traditionalist "fundamentalist" is about as endearing (and just as inaccurate) as calling a progressive Christian "apostate."

John more than 1 year ago