Church Court Clarifies Disaffiliation Rules



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It all depends.

The GC can pass the Protocol. This will prevent arbitrary agenda driven actions by bishops, etc. against churches which decide to separate. This will allow the psUMC to live out its own understanding of that it means to make disciples for the transformation of the world. It will allow those churches which choose to separate the same opportunity. The GC can choose to not pass the Protocol. That will restrict churches lacking financial resources from separating from the denomination due to the current in place restrictions predicated on protecting the institution. That failure to pass the Protocol will not stop churches that have sufficient financial resources from separating. These churches will turn to the secular courts protection of their assets/property from being clawed back by those who wish to prevent any separation. The cost of litigation at the conference level will be ruinous to budgets. For the churches involved, the costs will be well worth the gain. It all depends on what GC choses to do about the Protocol.

bthomas 95 days ago

Heart is where treasure is

Reading this comment, it becomes obvious that the highest priorities are money, and 'things''; i.e. 'laying up treasures on earth'. Seem to recall the story about a German clergyman over 500 years ago expressing his deep concerns about the worldly pursuits of the church that was basically trying to sell tickets into heaven. The obsession about financial pursuits speaks volumes. Perhaps, the slogan should be changed to; "Dollars taking disciples away from Jesus Christ in order to transform the world to more narrow selfishness and idolatry"?

w.f. meiklejohn 94 days ago