Church Trials Part II: A Generation of Harm



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It seems ridiculous that someone would volunteer to be a member of a covenant organization where the rules are clearly stated and then claim to be harmed.

Kevin 226 days ago


Obviously we are no longer a connectional denomination if everybody is free to do as they see fit. Second, how can the WCA have inflicted a generation of harm when it did not exist prior to 2016? Third, stop being angry at traditionalists because we are not progressives. We have every right to live by our understandings as you do. Your conscience does not get to trump ours. Instead of wasting your time engaging in overblown flights of fancy in which traditionalists are cast as being the sole author of this mess and progressives are blameless, work to resolve the conflict that you helped create!

betsy 227 days ago

To Betsy: Your posts on UM Insight

Your comments on UM Insight articles are very thoughtful, concise and totally fair. Personally, I find your comments helpful in my thought development process. I hope you keep doing this much needed good work. May our Maker and Redeemer Bless You!

Doug 221 days ago

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