Churches Across Theological Spectrum Exiting UMC



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I think I'm going to change my last name

If only, every person, regardless of theology, politics, gender identity, race, creed or color would all take one hour in complete silence rather than talking at, talking around, shouting over every other person on the planet and reflect on the infinite blessings God provides maybe, just maybe, we might begin to get better?  In my humble opinion, the approach of "Don't confuse me with anything contrary to what I choose to believe, my mind is made up" doesn't seem to be accomplishing anything positive. I'm thinking about changing my last name to 'Plusski' in order to be the 'Positive Pole'.  

w.f. meiklejohn 273 days ago

Wait two years and see who survives

Other blogs have tracked those churches that left and have gone full LGBTQ friendly. Membership dropped considerably and church shrank in revenues. There is a need to stay biblically faithful to keep the faithful. Leaving isn't the outcome, its the first step. Keeping the congregation after leaving the UMC for LGBTQ friendly reasons is the test that needs passed.

Brian Evers 274 days ago