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The signs of the time

A group calling itself "Uniting Methodists" is endorsing a split and there is nothing equitable or reapectful about it.

There is their talk--which sounds pretty good--and then there are their actions: the only plan they are willing to unite around is theirs which adopts the progressive sexuality ethic and proposes to allow traditionalists to live with their "regressive and backwards" beliefs. How long has that lasted in the Episcopal Church? Also, this group still underestimate the people in the pews. What happens at annual conference does not necessarily reflect the local church. The UMC is in the midst of a 50+ year numerical decline that has the power to make it disappear because individuals are already choosing not to be United Methodists. Furthermore, it has already been proven 6 times over that when a denomination goes decidedly progressive, it only succeeds in accelerating its numerical decline; there is nobody waiting outside the door waiting to rush in to replace departing traditionalists. This group lives in a reality of its own making--so no thank you. I need a church that functions in the real world by confronting the world's brokenness and lostness with a robust message of hope and redemption and healing. Something that will never be achieved by legislation but only by the triune God who is capable of transforming broken people into the truly human persons he envisioned when he created the world and everything in it and called it good. It was good right up until the minute humanity decided they knew better than the triune God—then all hell broke loose.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Uh, no thanks

I don’t believe in your guiding principles and in fact don’t believe progressives have principles. If they did, they would adhere to theBOD and the vote of GC2019. I don’t want to share the UMC name, conference, or a pew with any progressives. They can’t be trusted.

I will continue to pray every night for a fair and equitable split and that it will come soon.

Steve more than 1 year ago


I agree that our church must maintain the apostolic faith that has been handed down to us- and that our clergy have an obligation to teach that faith. Our church has been failing miserably at both of those for decades.

However, there must be room in our pews for those who disagree. What applies to our doctrines, teachings, and clergy does not necessarily have to apply to our members.

td more than 1 year ago

Call me untrustworthy

Your words don't remind me of Jesus. If that's what Christianity is, I'll choose something else.

JR more than 1 year ago